Since the average person has a lack of knowledge about the tea business at the beginning of the business, the risk of entrepreneurship has naturally increased. In view of this, we have specially planned a series of courses to integrate the actual process into a set of “easy to understand” planning projects. Coaching the future joining partners, all the secrets of opening a store, "One teaching will be" let the franchisees easily become the boss.

Business district, store evaluation

Business circle assessment

1. Within 600 meters of residents
2. People and men
3. Organ group, company line number
4. Community characteristics
5. Competition status

Store evaluation
1. Location and convenience of the base
2. Bus shop or crowds
3. Obvious target
4. Store width and number of floors
5. Reasonable rent
6. Surrounding parking conditions

Store design, planning and construction
1. Store signboard design and production
2. Store planning assistance
3. Store interior planning

Counseling shop

Preparing for homework before opening the store
1. License application

2. Recruitment

3. Education and training

4. Technology transfer

5. Join the main business philosophy

Establishment of operational management system

Store manager's manual
1. Enterprise persistence and philosophy
2. Business philosophy and strategy
3. Organization and structure of the store
4. Personnel management regulations
5. Promotion assessment method and welfare system
6. Shop operations

Service Process
1. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
2. Shift schedule
3. Various management reports

Business place management
1. Customer complaints handling method even emergency situation handling specification
2. The store manager’s business staff position and position
3. The store's in-store environmental sanitation cleaning and maintenance standards
4. Open shop operation process
5. All colleagues' precautions

Join the main curriculum
Mentality communication, itinerary communication, menu introduction, taste record, back menu, start store manager's log, community management, market development, store manager's manual, management system setting, staff code, cashier handover class, application teaching, POS machine teaching, POS machine practice , sales and sales, delivery process, familiarity with the environment, warehouse management, opening and closing stores, store operation manual, beverage teaching production, POS internship, dawn attack, shop process internship, beverage production teaching, closed shop process internship, on-site internship, Newcomers training and teaching, key reminders before the opening.

Join the main training process
Join the main training (headquarters training to join the main)
Staff training (joining the main training staff)
Headquarters internship training (all personnel return to headquarters training)
Pre-opening training (adjustment before the opening of the headquarters)
Opening site support (headquarters dispatch support)
Personnel management training (management staff coaching adjustment)




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