Joining to negotiate
Dreaming to take off the first step to talk to the headquarters and hope that the future location of the plan will be profitable.
Reserve reservations on site
It is suitable to join the team to complete the dream through the evaluation of the headquarters staff.
Signing the franchise contract
The headquarters will help you plan and arrange educational training so that you can get started quickly and smoothly.
Storefront consultation
A good start is half the success. The timing of grasping the weather, the location, the people and making money does not wait for people. The store association finds a store suitable for joining the main store to make money.
overall plan
Professional store design and equipment demand planning
Decoration construction
Professional engineering team to create your in-store environment

Know-how transfer
45-day complete education training course (to headquarters education training and direct store internship)
Education training assessment and review improvement
Signature decoration, machinery and equipment and raw material positioning test
Trial sale
Headquarters assigned auxiliary store specialists stationed
Grand opening
Opening and promotion activities

Join the main payment flow chart
Application to join
Deliver the first installment at the time of signing
Education and training delivered the second phase
Delivery of the third installment upon completion of the decorating and identification system
Delivery of equipment and equipment when entering the market

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