At the same time as the tea business is booming, we also find that there is a dream in many people's minds, a dream about "entrepreneurship", but it is too late to find a reliable team to help, so I decided to open up and let more people Can fulfill the dream of starting a business.

"Opening a store is a kind of specialized learning." The era of Taiwan's service industry has arrived. Opening a store has become a market trend. To successfully build a business, it needs to be fully prepared. However, if it is too idealistic, it will often end in failure.

Our team has accumulated countless practical experience and learned that the lack of expertise in opening a store is the main reason for the failure of opening a store. Many of the franchise headquarters have a lot of talk about the glory of entrepreneurial success, that is, the lack of "specialized" and "stable" In order to create a store strategy, we have developed a series of courses, such as "professional knowledge", "education and training", "promotional methods" and "service processes", etc., under the efforts of all our partners. I understand the planning steps and hope to make it easier for entrepreneurs to understand and implement.

If you are the one who actively wants to complete your dreams, welcome to join the team and let us work together to create a dedicated dreamer!

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