Stick to good water
The whole process of using the "3M water purification equipment" filtration system, I believe that even the best tea should have the best water quality to brew the top tea.

Let consumers drink peace of mind. Although the initial investment cost is higher for the franchisees, the quality of the products produced is good, guaranteed, and easy to obtain consumer recognition, and the business will naturally be better.

Stick to good tea
The in-store good tea guarantees the Taiwan tea area, does not contain any spices, and dances your taste buds with the most sincere taste of Taiwanese tea. It insists on the quality control of tea, and cooperates with the professional tea research and development team to develop new tea products at any time. Taste your taste and spirit with a brand new good tea.

Because we have a strong R&D and quality control center, we can continue to innovate.

Stick to good health
Adhere to health appeals When consumers' health awareness rises, for the health of their guests, beverages are never added with chemical flavors and artificial flavors. Choose to combine health appeals with products. If the pearls used are never added with preservatives, all seasoning juices are also All use raw juice, not concentrated juice, all water is filtered...etc.

In addition, there is also a particular emphasis on the brewing temperature of tea. The tea soup is no more than 4 hours. The purpose is to keep the catechins in the tea and to have an antioxidant effect. Drinking good tea can also bring good color. These insistence is to let more consumers choose us.

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